Monday, May 5, 2014

Project #16

Project #16
 Hochiminh Group EDM 310
 Kelsey Sigler, Savannah Price, Annie Nguyen, and Katherine Harvey were apart of the Hochiminh group. For our final project we chose to create an iBook instead of a Prezi. None of us knew how to make one at the beginning, but we finally figured it out. The final project was our journey as a group through EDM 310. Our iBook was made up of many different pages such as an autobiography of each group member, sentence videos, passion videos, book trailers, favorite blog posts, photos of each member, annotated photos, and a reflection of technology tools to use in the classroom. I thought creating an iBook was neat and enjoyed making it. I liked the idea of putting all of our work we have done throughout this semester into one big project. I had never used a Mac before this class, much less iBook. With this project being done as a group, we did have trouble with getting everyone together at the same time, but we made it work. I have learned so many technology tools and apps this semester. I am actually sad this class is over, but will take everything I learned from this class with me.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


C4K Summary for the month of April

C4K summary for April

I had the pleasure of reading Aprils, blog. Her blog was very colorful and I could tell she really took the time to make her blog personal. She did a Kotuku about a white heron.  April,11,2014 My comment: Hi April, My name is Kelsey and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM 310. I really enjoy your blog. All the bright beautiful colors, really makes your blog stand out. I also, loved your blog post for your Kotuku. The white heron is in fact very beautiful. I liked your drawing as well, keep up the hard work and never stop blogging!

C4K summary for Leilani

 For this C4K, I read Leilani's blog. She did a video on a book she read about a giraffe named Herold. She also drew a picture of the giraffe she imagined, while reading this book. I think it is such an inspiration seeing this young girl being so intrigued with reading, and responding in a blog. This way she is still using books, but adding new technology, which is great. Aprill, 15,2014 My Comment: Hi Leilani, my name is Kelsey and i am a student in EDM 310 at the university of South Alabama. I really enjoyed your post. You gave a great description about what you learned from Herold the Giraffe. I think it is so great that you did a video instead of writing a summary of what you learned. I also, loved your drawing of the giraffe. Giraffes are my favorite animal. Keep up the hard work on blogging.
Thanks, Kelsey


C4T #4

 Post #1
 My comment: Dear Mrs. Hamada, My name is Kelsey and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM310. After reading this post, it honestly made me start thinking about the resources I had while in school. I disliked P.E so much during school, because we never did anything but run. The teachers never seemed to care or take physical education seriously. By this blog post, I can truly see that you care about physical education. I wish I had you as a teacher back in my school days. Thank you for actually caring about your students and what you are there for, which is to teach. Thank you Kelsey

Mrs. Hamada's post was about how P.E teachers do not take pride in their work theses days. Her main focus is to instill in her students the right way to exercise, and to take physical activity seriously. Her post really showed how devoted she is as a P.E teacher.

Post #2
My comment:  My name is Kelsey, I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I commented on your last blog. I enjoyed this one as well. You are so right with twitter. Twitter is an amazing tool for not only teachers, but everyone. It is so great that you came up with the adapted games to create understanding. Again, great advice, ideas and post. I look forward to reading more.

Mrs. Hamada's post was about the use of twitter to get ideas for her class. She mentioned that with tweeting for help, she had people responding within the hour of her tweet. Also in her post was some game ideas teachers could use in their classroom, to help her students create understanding.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog Post #13

The assignment is to watch this video here, tell me one thing you learned about special education teachers. Also, tell me some ways you could bring technology into the special education classroom, to maybe help them succeed in their curriculum. Be sure to name the different technologies and explain why you chose those different tools for special education.

Some useful websites to help write this blog are,helpful websitehelpful websitehelpful website.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blog Post #12

Assistive technology is such a great way to help others in school. Assistive technology  is any tool that helps students with disabilities do things more quickly, easily or independently. It can be elaborate and expensive or simple and low-cost. Assistive technology services are supports for using assistive technology devices, such as assistive technology evaluations, equipment maintenance, technical assistance, demonstration or training.  Since I have been in this class, we have learned a great deal about iPads being in most classrooms these days. So I decided to do my own research on different assistive technology apps for iPads. During my research I found so many great apps. I never knew there were this many for kids, and I think it is amazing. 

The first app I found very interesting is the Every day Social Skills. This app is designed to help teach and reinforce basic social skills. I really enjoyed reading about this app. These days, children have such bad social skills. With bullying, peer pressure, and diversity children are afraid to even make a friend. This app would be so helpful with children struggling.  The next app I researched about is the Dragon Dictation. This app allows students to talk into the iPad, and the iPad responds with text of what you said, also called voice recognition. This app would be very helpful to not only disabled kids, but teachers, principals, parents, any one.  The last app I would like to discuss is the myHomework app. This app would be for students struggling with time management, organization, or just trouble in remembering.  MyHomework is a student planner on the iPad. It has a full calender, a place for notes, as well as an reminder software for your everyday life. I found so many more great assistive technology apps here, if you would like to learn more about them. 

link     link
    link   link      link for sources

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blog #11

In Brian Crosby's video, we learn that he makes students accountable for their own education. He makes and assigns fun projects to keep his students interested. A fun project he created for his students was the High Hopes Project. This project allowed the students to take full responsibility and complete this project independently. They had to contact other students from different schools through only blogs. One of his main points from his lecture was to empower students to learn on their own. He mentioned that throughout a classroom, there is always a way for students to not only learn, but participate as well. The most important thing we learned from Mr. Crosby was when he lectured about high test scores. He believes that high test scores do not mean a more fun classroom or better education. He believes that a great education comes from birthright, rather than students attending a school with high scores. 


In Blended Learning Cycle video, I learned that there are 5 E’s to learning science: engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate. The five E’s can be blended with online resources and classroom instruction. The learning blended cycle is created by combining the blended classroom and the 5 E’s. The video instructs us that it is okay to stop and make sure we have an understanding of what is going on. As a future teacher, we want our students to be able to take what they have learned and apply it to daily experiences. Mr. Paul Anderson states that blended learning is taking the techniques of online, mobile, and classroom learning and blending them together. Two things were presented in this video. One was the power of the question and the other was the power of learning. There are many ways to do it, such as start with a good question and/or hook. You have to have something that will get the students attention right off the bat. Next, you want the students to investigate, experiment, and use inquiry learning. You have a video, elaboration, review, and summary quiz. Mr. Anderson had several good points in his video. We think the Blended Learning Cycle is a great tool that will be very helpful in the classroom. It is a great approach for students to learn something and to help the students who are not so engaged in learning become more engaged. 

After watching Mark Church's video on "Making Thinking Visible," we have learned that by giving students a driving question to focus on is a great way to begin a project. I believe it is very useful to actually give a question and have the children research and collaborate as a group. I really like how Mark Church had each group come up with a headline and share it with the class. By doing this, it allows the students to hear from each other and look into the topic in different perspectives. I also think that by looking at their headline two weeks from the beginning of the project really let's the student focus on how things change after hearing more about the subject. I believe it is a very good learning tool for students to have an idea about how something will happen, and then when the lesson is over they get to look back and make a new conclusion on the topic presented. 

From Sam Pane's video, we learn how to be a Super Digital Citizen. I like how he used Superman as he began his lecture. It is very important to begin a lecture and capture the students attention. We can do this by associating the topic with something they all know about. Sam Pane really got his class involved when he used a Superman quote at the beginning of his lecture. The students in this 5th grade class are asked to create their own Super Digital Citizen comic character. From Sam Pane, we can learn that it is important to talk about internet safety with the class before a project like this is started. He incorporated internet safety into a Super Hero character. We can also learn that it is important to create your own Digital Citizen to show the class how to prepare one before setting them loose on their own. I agree with Pane in that using the students own picture gives them a sense of ownership with their comic. By building comics, students can analyze structure and really build a complete narrative. We can learn that it is important for the students to be able to go around and look at their peers to get ideas about their own citizen. I really enjoyed watching this video, and we can learn a lot about teaching from Sam Pane. Some take home messages from this video include: analyze how visual and multimedia elements contribute to text, write narratives to develop imagined experiences or events, and ask and answer questions. 


In the video, Project Based Learning, we learn in the beginning that the students were having a tough time engaging in their work and were disinterested. The teachers do not have enough time to cover all the necessary material. Using Project Based Learning, they get a deeper understanding of the material. Prior to using Project Based Learning the teachers ran into several roadblocks while teaching their students. These roadblocks include trying to cross curriculum. As explained in the video, Canadian History and Canadian Literature should not be hard to do, but due to limited time the teachers could not go into enough detail on these subjects. Incorporating Project Based Learning into the classrooms the teachers were able to spend more time with their kids. By combining curriculum, the students gained more time in the classroom and were better able to go into detail about their projects. This made the students engage in their work and produce something they could be proud of. The students also learned a great deal of Canadian culture that was not a part of the curriculum. For instance, the students learned about poverty, giving back to the community, and how to become a better citizen. I agree with the teachers in this video about the fact that the time in the classroom is limited and that as teachers we have to get our students to enjoy the subjects we are trying to teach. Project Based Learning is a very helpful strategy that should be incorporated into all the classes. It allows the students to work together and do the research, and really go into detail about the subject. 

According to the video, Roosevelt Elementary’s PBL program, PBL consists of five different things: in depth learning, integrated thematic instruction, based on a real world problem, research based, project and presentation. The teachers at Roosevelt Elementary collaborate together to come up with projects for their students to do. They always make sure to use the state standards as guidelines for what they want their students to learn. On top of that, skills such as teamwork, doing research, and developing real world problem solving skills are learned. That is what makes PBL so successful and special to the students. The parents of these students really like this program and think that it is a very good program for their kids. The PBL program at this school also allows their students to make their own decisions about how to do their project. All students learn in different ways and allowing them to make their own decisions, allow the students to think critically on their own and learn the material their way. The teachers also incorporate public speaking into the presentations. They recognize that in the real world, being able to communicate with one’s workers and speak correctly in front of them is a great way to get a job or a promotion. Getting the kids to be able to speak correctly in front of people at such a young age will only benefit them in the future. All teachers agree that PBL gets all the kids involved in their school work. They all agree that PBL is much better than having students sit in their desks for hours on end. Using PBL they get involved in a subject and with each other. They find out that other students have different learning styles, and the learn how to work together. PBL is also a good way to combine the curriculum of different subjects. For example one topic might include a state standard from the writing section, reading section, history section, and speech section. This allows more material to be learned in a smaller time frame and the students seem to enjoy PBL more. All the parents that send their kids to this school agree that PBL is the best way to teach them is through PBL. I really enjoyed hearing about the success that PBL is having at Roosevelt Elementary. It is inspiring to hear about these kids dedicating themselves to their school work and learning as much as they can. I believe that PBL is a great teaching strategy, mostly because it can incorporate different subjects into a small time frame. Also within the small window, the students learn how to work together and put together presentations. 


Saturday, April 5, 2014

C4K for March

C4K for Alexis S.
Her blog post was very interesting. I had the pleasure of reading about how she got to meet Adam Bellow, who created the app, Educlipper. In her blog, she explained what Educlipper is and what it does.  my comment: Hi Alexis, My name is Kelsey and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in edm 310.  I think it is great you actually go to meet him and ask him questions in person. I have never heard of the eduClipper so you taught me something new! Great post, and keep up the good work. Thank you for letting me read your post.

C4K for Mamarei,

Mamarei is a very creative blogger. The post I got to read was an actual video and slide show she created. In this video she explained and showed us the Pt England way. I really enjoyed watching the video and learning the activities and daily life of her and her class mates. 
My comment:Hi Mamarei, my name is Kelsey and I attend the University of South Alabama and I am in EDM 310.I really enjoyed your post. Your video was really interesting. My favorite part of this post was the music you added to the video. That song is actually one of my favorite songs. I also enjoyed how you had different videos of activities that the Pt England class does. It was great seeing some students comments in the video as well. Keep up the great work in your blog post, and thank you for allowing me to see your post!

C4K for Porscha,
Porscha's blog was the most colorful blog I have seen. She took the time to decorate and make her blog her own. This blog post was about her class going to the college to do P.E. I thought it was neat to show a video and tell us about what her class does on a daily bases. Seeing her classmates participate in P.E really made me happy. 
My comment: Hi Porscha, My name is Kelsey. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. Thank you for allowing me to read your blog. I really enjoyed this post. I think it is great that yall get to visit the college to do P.E. My favorite thing as a child was to do physical activity such like you do. Jumping rope, running, and playing games was my absolute favorite. I really enjoyed how you mentioned in your post, how important exercise is. We all have to do physical activity to stay healthy, and maintain our weight. Great post, and I really like the colors you have created within your blog.

C4K for Keis,
Her blog was very inviting, and colorful. This blog post I was assigned to read was about Math. She had a slide show of different examples of changing one number into a whole number. Each one of her slides had great detail as well as examples how to do these types of problems. 
My comment: Hi Keis, My name is Kelsey and I am in EDM 310, at the University of South Alabama. I really love the look of your blog. All the bright colors are so inviting. This post was done so great. I have always had a hard time in math. I fell if I was struggling with this specific problem, I would and could definitely go to this post for help. Great demonstration of math, keep up the blogging.